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Positive Behaviour for Learning

Rowland Hassall School promotes a strong Positive Behaviour for Learning approach to education. Students and teachers embraced the goal of our students becoming Safe, Respectful Learners and this has formed part of the Rowland Hassall School ethos over the past four years.

The message that all students take from this is that being safe and respectful will assist you in becoming a diligent learner.

Short targeted skill streaming lessons are held daily as consistent reminders of expected behaviours and positive strategies when dealing with difficult or unfamiliar situations.

00:04 positive behaviour for learning is a

00:06 system that many schools in western New

00:09 South Wales region are now using known

00:12 as PBL it is a support system that

00:15 increases the positive environment in a

00:17 school was it behaviour for learning is a

00:20 way of us making sure that children

00:23 develop the skills through specific

00:26 teaching and then through measuring how

00:29 well they behave to improve the way they

00:31 learn when starting out on the PBL

00:34 journey our schooling consultation with

00:37 the student's teachers and parents agree

00:40 on some Universal expectations are in

00:43 our hearts public school our universal

00:46 expectations are to be respectful

00:49 responsible cooperative and safe

00:53 courtesy hey Shana ah respect is tasty

01:01 what still some of the specific

01:05 behaviours that our students at all

01:07 include lining up moving quietly around

01:10 the school and active listening assembly

01:13 it might be the way they ask for things

01:16 at the canteen these expectations help

01:18 students take more responsibility which

01:21 helps and learn PBL support for students

01:25 and staff across all settings including

01:27 the playground and classrooms we've only

01:29 recently started working in the

01:31 classroom in the last three or four

01:32 months but already children have

01:34 understand what our expectations are and

01:36 understand the specifics of how they

01:38 should behave our teachers and staff

01:41 including me are also expected to model

01:44 this behaviour since we start a PBL we

01:47 have noticed a real improvement

01:49 learning environment our students that

01:52 are well into plastic today they are

01:54 more caring and considerate of others

01:57 and they are eager to move it has been

02:00 transformative it has made a great

02:01 difference to the school that the

02:02 weather we've been going now for a bit

02:05 over two years and there's been a

02:07 significant change in in the ethos of

02:10 the school I feel and also in the the

02:12 culture of the playground in the

02:14 classroom